Teaching Resources

Carpenter Foundation Supported Project on Jewish-Buddhist Encounters.

Information on Multi-Faith Spaces in Secular Settings

Resources for graduate students writing literature reviews


Sociology 1a. Order and Change in Society

Sociology 118a. Observing the Social World: Doing Qualitative Sociology

Sociology 129a. Religion in American Life: A Sociological Approach 

Sociology 165a. Living and Dying in America: The Sociology of Birth and Death

Sociology 169b. Issues in Sexuality

Sociology/NEJS 171b. Religions in Greater Boston

Sociology 181a. Methods of Social Inquiry

Sociology 203b. Field Methods

Sociology 211b. Advanced Topics in the Sociology of Religion 

Sociology 240a. Approaches to Sociological Research

USem 78a. Praying for a Cure? Religion, Health and Healing in America