Campus Chaplaincy for a Multifaith World

With support from the BTS Center and in partnership with Shelly Rambo (Boston University School of Theology), Tiffany Steinwert (Stanford University), and John Schmalzbauer (Missouri State University), we gathered preliminary data to describe how institutions of higher education staff chaplains and what effects chaplains have on the experiences of undergraduates. In a separate project with Nancy Fuchs Kreimer at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, we assessed the capacities of college and university chaplains to nurture and deepen their own spiritual and ethical lives and build relationships with chaplains from other religious backgrounds on their campuses. This project was supported by the Henry Luce Foundation. We are currently piloting support groups for students co-facilitated by a mental health professional and a chaplain with support from the Ruderman Family Foundation.

Publications that result from these efforts include:

Forthcoming. “How Do Colleges and Universities Support Multifaith Chaplaincy? The Causes and Effects of Different Institutional Approaches” Elena van Stee and Rebecca Barton Journal of College and Character.

2019. “Caring for the Whole Student: How Do Chaplains Contribute to Campus Life?” with Rebecca Barton and Elena van Stee. Journal of College and Character 21(2):67-85.

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